Pentecostal Church in Aberdeen, Maryland 

Welcome, Pentecostal Church in Aberdeen MD

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Meet Our Leadership

Over the years, we have learned that sometimes what people need most is someone who will listen to their concerns— someone they can turn to for support. Our leaders have been volunteering in their communities for many years, and they bring with them an incredible ability to lead, inspire, and care for those who need it. Read more about our leadership and what we believe.

Community Outreach

When the going gets tough, know that you are not alone in your struggle. Whether you are in a financial bind, a personal crisis, or could use some parenting guidance, we have programs in place to reach out to you in your time of need. Some of our services include financial workshops, employment assistance, and drug prevention assistance.

Schedule & Events

Get involved with a caring congregation who will support you in your quest to know and serve our Lord. Join us for worship, Sunday School, Bible study, choir, prayer time, and more.

Contact us in Aberdeen, Maryland, to learn more about how you can be involved in our Pentecostal church.


About Us

Refuge Temple Ministries Church Of God In Christ is a non-profit religious organization in Aberdeen, Maryland. We provide outreach and resources to people and families who are experiencing temporary setbacks due to unemployment, illness, or other life-changing events. In addition to our community service activities, we have regular meetings and activities at our location, so that our members can join together and plan new goals for the future.

We are always happy to meet new people. All are welcome!